Kuki Christian Mission

Kuki Christian Mission

Kuki Christian Mission is centered in the northeastern states of India, and serves that region and across borders of neighboring countries. The mission is a network of 312 churches, 30 new church plants, a Seminary, a Nursing School, and a Hospital. This work exists in the poorest area of India and where some of the greatest persecution against Christianity exists. The mission reported 1,177 baptisms from all reported areas in 2020.

The birth of the Kuki Christian Church is the result of faith discovery and Biblical research. The faith in Christ is the fact that Jesus Christ personally declared, acted upon and died for the faith we embrace. The aim of Kuki Christian Church is to (1) demonstrate the One indivisible Church family of God, (2) bring together all Kuki Christians into the One Christian Church, and (3) then speak the One biblical Church to other ethnic groups, or neighbors.

Kuki MissionContact:
Karen Rice, Secretary-Treasurer
Kuki Christian Church Mission
8163 Northridge Drive
Clinton, IL 61727

Phone: (217) 871-5694
Email: KukiMission79@gmail.com
Email: lunkim_t@yahoo.com

See their website for more information: www.kukichristianchurch.org